Monday, February 28, 2011

Card gone terribly wrong

Sometimes a card just doesn't turn out pretty, or even cute. It's not the card's fault. I was trying to play along at Picture Perfect Creations Color Combo #50. We were supposed to use Peach Parfait, Early Expresso and Pretty in Pink from Stampin Up. I was excited to play along because I had gotten my box with all the new colors. After a little pondering, I decided on the piece of cake from Sweet Treats cartridge.

So I knew it wasn't looking great, so I thought some stickles would help. I don't think they did. I was going for chocolate cake. It just looks like a striped brown box! Maybe if I round the corners a little? Come on, who has a cake that square?! Maybe if I had used the cuttlebug on the brown? I don't know.

Poor card! It's not his fault. Is there a place where the sad little cards can go?



  1. Awww....common, you can still make something special out of it. How about cutting the brown layers a bit so you have room to put the frosting on the top and down the backside of it. You can even put a candle on top if you want. It would look great....add stickles to the frosting and wallah....a piece of cake.

  2. I forgot to add....leave the pink (I think you used for frosting???) leave that as a background and put the frosting so it flows or should I say drips a little at the top of the cake but do it using something like a paint where you can get some texture like real frosting and not one solid sheet. Hope you know what I mean. I wouldn't give up on that card yet.

  3. i personally saw the cake...maybe if you just round the cake layer corners (the brown). i dont know about you but my cake isn't perfectly square..its a little rounded on the corners where the extra icing goes in...yumm! so i dont think using a corner rounder on the left side of the cake layers would be bad.

  4. Ha. you are too funny. I've had a couple out under a dozen that went wrong too!

  5. So what flavor frosting it it ? :D I feel your pain in the not so hot card department. glad you came to play. :D Rounding the corners may help.
    HUGS and Blessings